KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask (Lavender flavor) 14 pieces

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KAO Hot Steam Eye Mask uses a unique technology to allow the eye mask to warm up immediately once opening the pouch. One box of KAO Hot Eye Mask contains 14 individual packed eye masks. The steam produced from the comfortable heat moistens and soothes your tired eyes. Very suitable whether you are lying down or sitting up, the ear straps prevents slipping and sliding. It also has a lavender scent to it allowing it to calm and relax your senses.

KAO Hot Steam Eye Mask Benefits
Great for tired eyes
Anti Stress
Easy to use
Large cover area

How to Use
1. Extend the eject sleep mask from the bag was folded in two.
* Once you have opened will be warm and out of the bag, so now please.
2. Tear it in the Middle, over the ear.
* Close your eyes.
* 10 Minutes followed by warmth.
* Wants the temperature when your end is a measure of.
* Temperature and duration will vary depending on the environment.
* By the environment (particularly the plane secondary), may swell in the steam, but its your own.

Please note before you use Do not use the following.
-Eye diseases, inflammation
-Eye or eyes around scars, swelling, eczema

Precautions for use • Do not combine eye Pack, etc.
-Use eye drops if your eye drops after awhile then.
-May fall makeup.
-Thermal-sensitive, falling sensation, is undertaking the treatment by doctors who consult your doctor or pharmacist
There is no medical equipment

10 g


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