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Brand: Daio Paper Corporation
Product Code: Toothpaste

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  • Special microbeads will clean even the hardest to reach areas leaving your teeth sparkling clean.

  • Special cleaning agents increase the effectiveness of plague removal.

  • Helps to reduce bad breath germs and to prevent gingivitis.

  • Fluoride strengthens the structure of the teeth and prevents the development and progression of dental caries.

  • Refreshing and cooling the gums mint flavor.

Ingridients: sorbitol, propylene glycol (wetting agents), precipitated calcium carbonate (cleansing / polishing ingredient), sodium polyacrylate, silicic anhydride (viscosity regulators), zeolite (an auxiliary cleaning / polishing ingredient), sodium lauryl sulfate, POE solid castor oil (foaming component) perfume "mint" sodium saccharin (flavors), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (thickening agent), sodium monoflyuorid (active medical ingredient), sodium banzoat, paraben (preservative), titanium oxide (colorant), menthol (freshener).

Pack Size - 140g

Oxana  21/05/2018
I love this toothpaste, does a great job.
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