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HIPP Hypoallergenic Formula

Babies come into the world with delicate digestive systems. Some babies are more sensitive to ingredients. This can lead to tummy troubles, rash, constipation, or diarrhea, to name a few symptoms. A hypoallergenic formula can reduce a baby’s reaction to allergies such as milk protein. Hipp Hypoallergenic takes it even further by using high quality ingredients that have not been exposed to harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can make symptoms worse. Parents around the world have a lot of praise for HIPP HA.


HIPP HA starts with lactose, the same carbohydrate that is found in breast milk. Another ingredient that comes from lactose is galacto-oligosaccharide. These prebiotic fibers aid digestion along with probiotic cultures that comes from natural lactic acid cultures. Whey protein is hydrolyzed so that it is easier for a baby to digest with less reaction from the potential allergen. A baby’s balanced diet also includes healthy fats such as vegetable oils. HIPP HA also has Omega 3 and & for DHA and AA for brain development. HIPP HA is still fortified with the vitamins and minerals that all babies need from vitamins A and C as well as iron and magnesium.


HIPP HA comes in two stages:

Preparation of HIPP Hypoallergenic Formula

HIPP HA comes with its own scoop to ensure that the right amount is dispensed with each bottle. The correct ratio of baby formula powder to water is one level scoop to one ounce of water.


It is important to store HIPP HA in a cool, dry, dark place to maintain its freshness whether it is sealed or opened. One way to keep it airtight is to store it in the HIPP organic formula storage box. The box an be found on our online store. Never store powdered baby formula in the refrigerator or freezer.

Where to Buy Hipp Hypoallergenic Formula

HIPP HA is not available in any store in the USA. Parents who live in North American can find both stages of HIPP HA in our online store. We offer great service, low prices, and fast delivery.