Chocolate from Glico, Meiji and Lotte

The candy industry in Japan has a great deal of smooth, delicious blends. We’re talking about semi-sweet perfection, making it light with just the right taste. The special part of Japanese chocolates are the premium nuts, including almond and macadamia. Chocolate from Japan is in a word, “delicious.” Look for the finest blends delivered right to your door from,

The Cacao bean as the main ingredient provides soothing, balancing and calming benefits. This is the reason cacao/cocoa is known as a great balancer of moods. It has been shown that people tend to feel better after eating it. 

Taking this as a taste-tempting truth; it certainly can’t hurt to eat one or two pieces on a daily basis. Whatever is going on in your life, remember eating delicious “chocolateness” helps to elevate mood, alleviate stress and put a smile on your face. By any means, it certainly can’t hurt to tuck in a chocolaty nibble or two after dinner.

Simply head on over to to try favorites like Glico Almond Peak, Lotte Crunky Chunk and Meiji Macadamia. All made from medium dark chocolate and semi-sweet milk chocolate for a light, not overly sweet taste. High quality almonds and macadamia nuts encased in a thin, sweet, delectable layer; make the blends a tasty and satisfying snack. Or if solid bars are more to your liking, buy the Lotte Crunky Chunk.

Because these delightful sweets are made in Japan, it provides them with a unique appeal. Try one or try them all; you can snack on-the-go or while relaxing at home. Be sure to sample all varieties, before deciding on a favorite. The rich, nutty goodness is sure to have you ordering them, again and again. Don’t hesitate to indulge in this popular, irresistible treat.