Customers' wishes

Sergey 22/10/2020
I wish you will have dental tablets for tooth health
Howard Couch 22/10/2020
Japanese Deodorant like Deonatulle Hard Stone and Soft Stone
???? 22/10/2020
Merries newborn diapers
???? 22/10/2020
Merries newborn diapers
Tim 22/10/2020
I wish you would make them in adult size diapers
Luda 22/10/2020
Otribaby nose cleaner
Sergey 22/10/2020
I wish you had japanese Biore UV Aqua sunscreen
Kateryna 22/10/2020
I wish Moony swimming pull ups will return soon in medium or large size
irene 22/10/2020
coupon code / discount
Olga G. 22/10/2020
Hello, I live in Nevada. I just wish if you order is more than $100 you would offer free ground shipping. My shipping now will cost me $28.00. It’s like to buy another pack of diapers. :(

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