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HIPP organic formula is the best European organic baby formula that is available here in our online store. HIPP formula contains prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut. It also has lactose, not table sugar, for its naturally sweet taste. What it doesn't have are synthetic ingredients that can affect your baby's growth and development. Not available in stores in the USA, you can feed your baby with HIPP First Infant Milk and other stages when you buy it here online.

Benefits of HIPP Organic Formula for Your Baby

HIPP formula has a long history of making organic, sustainable baby products in Germany. All of the organic ingredients are grown through biodynamic agriculture practices. This method of organic farming focuses on the harmony between the land, animals, and its affects on the community around it. HIPP 's purity standards even meets or exceeds the strict organic requirements established by the European Union. These requirements are even more strict than the organic requirements of the USA.

Everything that goes into HIPP baby milk powder is natural and promotes a healthy child. Tummy troubles can affect a baby's growth and overall health. HIPP is the only baby formula that uses both prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion, ease constipation, and improve overall well-being.

List of HIPP Products

HIPP baby formula is marketed for certain countries because of minor differences in the ingredients. All products have the same high quality of organic purity certified by the European Union. Most of HIPP baby formula come in stages. Some of the specialty formulas are not specific to a certain age so it is appropriate for babies from birth on.

  • PRE – from birth to three months
  • Stage 1 – from birth on
  • Stage 2 – from six months on
  • Stage 3 - from ten months on
  • Stage 4 – from twelve months on, also known as toddler milk

HIPP Dutch

HIPP Dutch is easy to recognize by its round tin instead of the typical box. These tins are the largest packages containing 900g rather than the 600g or 800g sold in other markets. While you may feel like you are paying more, you are getting more HIPP powder milk. It contains both prebiotics and probiotics in stages 1 and 2, but does not contain probiotics in stage 3. All stages do not have starch. Stage 1 uses ALA vegetable oil, omega-6, and DHA fish oil, but the fish oil is not present in stages 2 and 3.

HIPP Germany

HIPP Germany is available from stage PRE to stage 3. It contains all of the prebiotics and probiotics as well as ALA vegetable oil and omega 6. DHA fish oil is only available in stages PRE and 1. Starch and soy lecithin is only added in stages 2 and 3.


HIPP UK is sold in 800g packages with the exception of the Growing Up milk at 600g. One of the biggest differences between Hipp UK baby formula is that it does not contain probiotics. DHA fish oil is removed from stages 2 and 3, but soy lecithin is added in these stages. There is no starch in HIPP UK. Some babies seem hungrier than others. Rather than feed them extra ounces and calories, HIPP UK has a Hungry Infant formula that is suitable from birth on. The difference between it and the UK stage one is the addition of casein to the whey that is already used in all of HIPP 's powder milk. HIPP Growing Up milk is ideal for toddlers 12 months and up so it provides important nutrients while it complements table foods.


Babies are more sensitive than older children. Some are at risk of hypersensitivities such as an allergy to cow milk proteins. Hypoallergenic formulas hydrolyze, or break down, the proteins to make it easier to tolerate and reduce the allergic reaction to them. All HA formulas decreased the lactose and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are more difficult to digest, and still contains all of the nutrients, prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health.

HIPP Specialty

HIPP baby formula has specialty formulas for those babies who have special digestive needs. When a baby is spitting up, they may have reflux and need some help to keep their formula down. HIPP AR maintains its organic standard but makes its formula thicker as well as digestible. Rather than use starch, HIPP uses locust bean gum is used to give a creamy texture to the baby formula without changing the taste or sugar content. When the baby formula stays in the stomach, reflux is decreased and the baby will continue to grow and thrive.

HIPP Special Comfort is for special medical purposes for those who have irregular digestion caused by colic, gas, constipation. Special Comfort aids digestion with prebiotics and probiotics, but it also has the hydrolyzed proteins and less lactose for easier digestion. The fat and fiber that is also found in Special Comfort makes it easier for a baby to move their bowels. HIPP Special Comfort does contain maltodextrin, a carbohydrate that balances the sweetness of lactose and naturally thickens the formula. HIPP is specialized and use can be discontinued when the digestive issues resolve themselves.

HIPP Premixed

The ease of a premixed formula allows caregivers to feed their hungry infant right away. There is no measuring or mixing, and it is convenient to put in a diaper bag and feed a baby on the go.

HIPP Baby Formula Ingredients

HIPP baby formula ingredients are organic so that nothing synthetic or harmful will affect a baby's growth and development. HIPP starts with biodynamic milk from cows that are raised in pastures, not cattle stalls. Lactose is the source of energy that sweetens the milk, nothing else like added sugar or syrup.

The prebiotics come from galacto-oligosaccharides fibers, just like the prebiotics found naturally in breastmilk. Natural lactic acid is the source of the probiotics. HIPP uses fish oil and vegetable sources to provide omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brain and immune system development. Organic vegetable oils including palm oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil provide the necessary fats. The organic formula is fortified with all of the vitamins and minerals that are crucial to your baby's growth. There are no GMO ingredients or chemicals from pesticides. All of HIPP's organic formula products are free of wheat, gluten, soy, and peanuts.

Preparation of HIPP Milk Powder

It is important to use the scoop that comes in the HIPP milk container and follow the instructions on the package. It ensures that the baby gets the correct ratio of water to formula, meaning that the calories and nutrients are balanced with the right amount of hydration. The formula is one level scoop of powder to one ounce of water. Stir or shake so that all of the powder is dissolved in the liquid.

Formula Storage

HIPP formula should be stored in a cool, dry place. Never store dry powder in the refrigerator or freezer. Always use the powder prior to the expiration date. The date is written in the European method of DDMMYYYY instead of the US method of MMDDYYYY. If it says 10.2.2019, then it means February 10, 2019, not October 2, 2019.

Check out the HIPP formula storage box available online at our store.

Where to Buy HIPP Organic Formula?

HIPP organic formula is not available in stores in the USA. The best place to find it is our online store. Not only do we offer fast delivery and assistance, but we also have low prices with great discounts for bulk orders as well as promotions throughout the year. We carry all products including UK, Dutch, and Specialty formula.

About HiPP FormulaHiPP is a family company that has been nourishing babies for generations. When you buy HiPP formula, you are choosing one of the best brands in Germany that offers a variety of infant milk and follow on formulas and so much more.HiPP is one of the pioneers of organic baby foods in Germany. They have focused on using biodynamic agriculture methods to produce delicious food that is near perfect for any baby. Their methods ensure that they only use high quality ingredients that have been farmed using sustainable processes. The organic milk used in HiPP formulas exceeds the standards of the European Union as the land where the cows graze are free of pollutants and chemicalsHiPP infant milk is gentle enough for babies to consume from birth or as soon as they are weaned off of breastmilk. Like breastmilk, HiPP only uses lactose for the carbohydrate needed for energy, not table sugar or syrups. It also contains prebiotics and DHA but is free of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. There are different variations of infant milk based on its market including the omission of starch or probiotic ingredients. The HiPP formula reviews confirm what parents have been saying for years. There are choices depending on a baby’s nutritional needs from infant milk with probiotics to specialty milks for allergies and digestive issues. You can order HiPP in the USA through our company website and have it delivered straight to your door. Not only is it convenient, but the more you buy, the more you save. Find out how you can get HiPP formula for your baby today.