Pigeon Heat Resistant Glass Baby Bottle 160ML /5oz 0M+

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Brand: Pigeon

From newborn 0 months

Baby bottle supporting breastfeeding.


  • Allows baby to use natural feeding motion learned at the breast
  • Peristaltic PLUS™ Nipple is 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement 
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic
  • Bottle shape is easy to hold
  • Specially designed roll-free bottle hoods
  • Bottle is made from glass  
  • Strengthened glass material and high heat resistance means its longer lasting
  • BPA Free

Breastfeeding is the best for both mother and baby. However, it is sometimes not possible to feed directly from the breast. PIGEON offers an extensive range of essential tools like bottles, nipples and feeding accessories to enable you to continue giving your baby the goodness of expressed breast milk. Specially designed bottles ease the grip and minimize the air inflow, thus giving your baby the most comfortable feed time.

Our new range of Peristaltic PLUS™ nipples is the latest from our researchers. Through in-depth study of the baby’s sucking science over the past 50 years comes the Peristaltic PLUS™ nipples that offers the most natural feeding – through a bottle.



Brand: HIPP Formula

Ryan H 04/12/2022
These bottles/nipples were the solution for my daughter’s taking in too much gas at feedings and not getting a good latch. I tried many including the Dr. Browns (hard to clean and way too many leaks, I was having nightmares about oceans of formula), Avent Natural (weird flow rates and poor venting), and Comotomo (gimmicky, too wide such that you have to lay your baby nearly flat to empty the bottle, some leaks). These seem to never leak, are very high quality, are amenable to fairly upright feeding, and are easy to clean. Really the perfect bottle, other than missing Oz markings. But 1 Oz is a hair less than 30mL so it’s not hard to convert. Note the wider Pigeon bottles available outside the Japanese market are great, too, and have Oz markings as well as mL, but these empty easier, feel better in the hand, and fit better in my Chicco sterilizer. They’re also make in Japan rather than Thailand, for what it’s worth.
Brianna 09/07/2019
I was looking for a similar feeding bottle in the children's goods stores in my city, I could not find it. I found this store on the Internet, here I found everything I need, a large assortment, I have all the goods I need, a good manager, helped me with ordering, I received delivery in a short time. I am satisfied with the work of the store and the goods. Thank you very much
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