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You might not have considered it yet, but there are other diaper brands aside from the usual USA made that you can slip on your baby’s bottom.

Surf through Far East Japan Transportation’s online store, and buy a pack of Merries Baby Diapers, a well-loved eco-friendly Japanese brand guaranteed to be gentle and assures that skin is protected even if your last nappy change was hours ago.

Product Lineup

A peaceful baby is a happy baby thanks to Merries Diaper. Since it comfortably fits, the baby can sleep soundly.

Merries Japanese Diapers have Tape Diapers which come in:

  • Newborn (birth – 5 kg);
  • Small (4 – 8 kg);
  • Medium (6 – 11 kg);
  • Large (9 – 14 kg);
  • XL (12 – 20 kg).

On the other hand, Pull-Up Pants come in:

  • Medium (6 - 11 kg);
  • Large (9 - 14 kg);
  • XL (12 – 22 kg);
  • XXL (15 – 28 kg).

Merries adapts well to the needs of parents because it grows with their child. Merries Newborn is essential for babies who are 1 - 2 weeks old. As the baby grows and shifts to solid food, so is his dependence on a diaper that keeps everything in place.

And when baby is already 6 – 11 kg and moving about already, parents can start them on Merries Pull-Up Pants. Toddlers who are 12 – 22 kg and still adjusting to pooping and peeing can use the XL or XXL variety.

You can buy Merries Diapers in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Boston, Portland, Washington, Indianapolis, Louisville and other.


A baby’s skin is delicate; therefore, it needs the soothing qualities of a reliable and dependable diaper. Babies can benefit from Merries because it is made of a wavy mesh that reduces stuffiness to the skin area as it comes into contact with moisture.

There is an absorbent layer wherein moisture can pass through as pee is being absorbed. Extended wear won’t result in diaper rash because it can prolong dryness even if baby has peed up to 4 times.

Also, babies won’t feel humid because the breathable material draws away heat from pee. Another notable feature is the soft garter from Merries Diapers Pants that attaches well to baby as he/she moves about. As for designs, it is very much suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. Parents can enjoy an assortment of cute designs from Merries as they wear it on their precious little ones.

Our Advantages

Parents who will buy Merries Diapers online will be glad to know that the website also displays a catalog of European baby milk formulas, dental accessories, vitamins, snacks and hair accessories among others. Shoppers will be further educated through the website’s informative articles and in-depth reviews of products being sold.

As for prices, shoppers will be able to save more if they buy items in bulk.

Interested to make a purchase? You must sign up for an account first. Once order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your order’s tracking number.

It is important to note that there are certain areas that offer free shipping for diapers and pull-up pants. Deliveries may take 2 - 5 business working days via FedEx.

For return/exchange of items, you need to fill out an invoice, pay the shipping fee plus the 10% restocking fee and have it shipped within 7 days after making the purchase. Returned items must be complete and in good condition otherwise no refunds will be considered. Payment options are standard credit cards.