Trixie 17/04/2018

These diapers are AMAZING! The tabs on the sides are easy to fasten to put them on a screaming, writhing child. The holding capacity is awesome. My kid poops three times in a single morning so keeping the $hit inside is critical. But most importantly, these are the SOFTEST diapers I've ever seen. We tried Huggies, which were the roughest by far. Pampers are good and soft, but baby still got chaffed butt every now and again. We tried Merries - another Japanese brand and slightly more expensive than Moony. They were very soft. But these... these feel soft like fleece. Amazing. Worth the pretty penny that they cost!

brian 15/03/2018

I like this website and constantly come back because of the free shipping and they always have the formula in stock. The Amazon check out service is so convenient too. Other sites I've used seem to always be out of Hip Hypoallergenic formula.

Юлия 16/02/2018

Отменное качество товаров, быстрая доставка, легкие в общении и доброжелательные сотрудники. Всегда берём только тут

Yuliya 15/02/2018

Great customer service - Olga helped me navigate through the wide selection of Japanese diapers and advised on the best option for my boys, as well as discounts available for bulk buyers. Looking forward to my first big shipment!

Nancy 13/02/2018

I love "The best from Europe" for supplying it at a great price with great service!!!!!!

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