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Ella 01/09/2023

These Japanese diapers are the inspiration for the American Coterie diapers but so much more economical! We used Huggies/pampers briefly and mostly used the honest brand but when I tried coterie I wanted to find out what made the different - turns out they are just the American dupe and standard Japanese diapers! These diapers - I’ve tried merries and moonys - are bigger so they absorb more and are much softer than any of the American ones. The absorbency is amazing and I noticed my little guy was much less fussy in these diapers than the US brands we were trying out. These diapers also don’t precipitate out little crystals of what can only be uric acid when they get full. The idea of little crystals of pee accumulating on my little angel’s belly sealed the deal. I now buy in bulk to get the best price and never run out. Pro tip - merries are softer but moonys absorb a little more. Both are infinitely superior to any American diapers, except maybe coterie which are comparable but so much more expensive! These come out to be the same as pharmacy brand diapers. You can’t got wrong.

Irina 27/06/2023

Once I've tried Moony dipers for our newborn daughter I couldn't go with any other brand. They are super soft, breathable, have no fragrances, don't cause irritation. The fit is perfect for our baby- she is slim in waist but has chubby hips. These dipers do not leave red lines on her skin and fit perfectly. I'm glad that I found your website. The prices are unbeatable, and delivery was as scheduled. Thank you for your business!

Victoria 10/05/2022

This is the best place to order Moony pull ups. As soon as we tried them we could not go back to any other diaper brand so it is important to have them delivered fast. This place is the most reliable one to deliver on time when we run out. Thank you!

Irina Zakharov 18/04/2022

I am so happy that I was able to find the Nannycare formula in the US. I was ordering from the UK for a couple of months. The company is absolutely amazing! They send products very fast, very easy to communicate whether you have any questions regarding the product or have problems with your order.
Thank you guys, you are a wonderful company!

Nora 27/10/2020

I'm so thankful for this company! They are always so quick to ship, and I love that we can get the best baby formula for our little guy! Thank you!

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