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Arianna 13/01/2018

I Love guys your pampers and formulas they are awesome!! I got my order in 2 days very quick! I recommend you to buy!!

Annushka 19/11/2017

We have been using Merries for 6 months and super happy with it, in Florida is super hot -but my baby never had any skin rush because they super soft and absorb everything -leaving skin dry and not irritated. Best diapers, highly recommended!!!!!

Anna S 19/11/2017

Very happy that finally found a formula that our baby is happy with. Tried so many and always had constipation with all of them. We tried Nanny and all issues are gone. couldn't be happier. Happy baby-happy mommy. Amazing customer service, everything comes super fast and nicely packed. Recommend!

Deny 31/08/2017

Thank you so very much, you have been extremely accommodating...you guys have been great!

Thomas 29/08/2017

I LOVE this diaper brand name! I used it for my first baby and now my second one. Talking about absorbance, thinness, air-breathing, and secure for all night long use, Merries is the best! No chemical smell either, no sharp edge that may cut your baby. Kao is one of the most famous company in Japan making cosmetic products and baby diapers. Another Japanese brand name for diapers that I trust is Goo.N, really really great quality too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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