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Nancy 13/02/2018

I love "The best from Europe" for supplying it at a great price with great service!!!!!!

Thomas 13/02/2018

We love formula from Eurupe. We tried some US organic formula's, and my baby wouldn't eat any of them. After much research and reading reviews I decided to give Hipp Organic a try, even though it was a little more expensive, it was the best decision I've made and worth it. I like the fact that it is very close to breastmilk in taste and even color. When you mix it and shake it, it doesn't make a lot of bubbles or foam. My baby loves HIPP formula, and I highly recommend Hipp Organic and "The Best from Europe"!

Ася 21/01/2018

Я очень довольна качеством продукции и качеством обслуживания.

Arianna 13/01/2018

I Love guys your pampers and formulas they are awesome!! I got my order in 2 days very quick! I recommend you to buy!!

Annushka 19/11/2017

We have been using Merries for 6 months and super happy with it, in Florida is super hot -but my baby never had any skin rush because they super soft and absorb everything -leaving skin dry and not irritated. Best diapers, highly recommended!!!!!

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