Annet 03/02/2016

Soft, gentle, good family size package, easy to pull up and down. I will recommend all my friends. There is no similar product in the U.S. All local products feel like paper
Best diapers ever.

Olga 03/02/2016

Best diapers ever!
And much better than Pampers, Huggies etc.
Bought these while we were in Japan and they fit so well we brought back half a suitcase full. They keep baby dry and rash free. They won't fit fat babies very well because there's less stretch/material at the waist than American diapers.

Elena 23/01/2016

Love Moony diapers. They are softer than Merries. Both brand are way ahead of US competitors. I like the service - fast delivery and reasonable prices. Thank you

Mary Jackson 31/12/2015

I love their diapers, Japanese diapers are so soft and they are easy to put on my baby. I ordered a couple of Moony diapers and it only took 4 days to arrive to California. I will shop here again!

Stacy 10/11/2015

I love so many things that thebestfromjapan.com has to offer. This store really is so great to have in the community. I wish that I had lived near a store like this when I was a first time mom! The staff is very helpful with information about everything from how to start cloth diapering, to which carrier is best for you and your baby.

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