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Nancy 24/04/2017

High quality products, most of which are imported from Europe. Great price with great service

GARY 24/04/2017

Excellent customer service, great experience every time!!!!!!"

Anyuta 29/11/2016

Best company, super fast Shipping. Love diapers, tried their new additions Coffee and Tooth paste- In Love now ;) Also recommend car freshener--yummm! Keep adding new products! Thank you!

Yimo 26/11/2016

I purchased merris diapers from this website many times. The stuff is very friendly, the quality of these diapers is good too. After my kid started to walk, I tried all brands of pull ups that I can got from us, and none of them works. Some of them are too tight, and some of them are to rough. I will recommend the merris pull ups, and I like it better than moony so far.

Svetlana 17/09/2016

I order the same Japanese diapers Moony, Goon and Merries! They are very soft, like the most softest diapers and not leaking! I tried the free sample from Honest, they came very rough, that's why I cancel my subscription:( we experienced rush from Pampers and even more from Huggies and then my friends from Russia told me about Japanese diapers, I tried and using them since, already more than a year, I love it! And they not so expensive!

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