HIPP United Kingdom Formula

HIPP is known throughout Europe as one of the best organic baby formulas available. It has been produced and marketed for specific countries including the United Kingdom. HIPP is gentle enough for any baby while promoting digestive health with the use of prebiotic fibers. Since it meets or exceeds the strict guidelines of European Union organic standards, consumers know that it is free of GMOs, chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and additives that babies do not need. HIPP United Kingdom also has a Hungry Baby formula.


HIPP United Kingdom is made from organic ingredients that come from biodynamic farms in Europe. The main ingredient in the baby formula is organic milk from pasture-fed cows that is never touched by pesticides or herbicides. Processed sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup, or brown rice syrup are never used in HIPP formula. Instead, lactose from milk which is also found in breast milk, is used as the energy source.

All HIPP United Kingdom baby formulas contain prebiotics from galacto-oligosaccharide fibers from milk. These prebiotics help with baby’s digestion. HIPP UK is different than other varieties of HIPP because it does not contain probiotics. First infant milk contains fish oil as well as vegetable oil for brain development. Other healthy organic fats come from palm oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. HIPP UK also doesn’t have starch. Only the Hungry Baby formula uses casein.

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From birth
Contains Omega 3 & 6
Contains Prebiotic
EU organic certified
Made in Germany
From 6 months
Contains Iron and Iodine
Contains Prebiotic
EU organic certified
Made in Germany
From 12 months
Contains Iron
Contains Vitamin A, C, D
EU organic certified
Made in Germany
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  • HiPP UK Stage 1 (First Infant Milk) – from birth on
  • HiPP UK Stage 2 (Follow on Milk) – from six months on
  • HiPP UK Stage 3 (Growing Up Milk) - from twelve months on
  • HiPP Combiotic Hungry Infant Milk Formula – from birth on
  • HiPP Good Night Powder Baby Milk Formula Stage - 6+ months

Preparation of HIPP German Formula

The measuring scoop that comes in each container of HIPP United Kingdom is made to accurately measure the right amount of formula for every bottle. For every ounce of water, add one leveled scoop of powder. Stir or shake so that all of the powder dissolves and the formula is ready to serve.


When stored properly, HIPP United Kingdom will be fresh up to their expiration date or for up to three weeks after opening. Milk powder needs to be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. One way to keep the baby formula fresh is to store it in an airtight container such as the HIPP organic formula storage box. It is available at our online store. Never store powdered baby formula in the refrigerator or freezer.

HIPP United Kingdom Formula: A Nutritious Choice for Your Child

When it comes to providing the best nutrition for your child, HiPP UK formula stands out as a trusted and reliable option. With its commitment to organic ingredients and decades of experience in the baby food industry, this UK baby formula has established itself as a leading brand in promoting healthy growth and development.

One of the key reasons why HiPP comfort UK is an excellent choice is its dedication to using only organic ingredients. Organic farming practices ensure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used during cultivation. This means that every ingredient found in the HiPP formula UK is free from potentially harmful substances, giving parents peace of mind when it comes to their child's health.

Furthermore, HiPP anti reflux UK contains essential nutrients required for optimal growth and development. It includes vital vitamins such as Vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption for strong bones; Vitamin C, which supports immune function; and Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), crucial for brain development.

HIPP also takes great care in selecting high-quality proteins derived from sources such as milk from grass-fed cows. These proteins are easily digestible by infants' delicate digestive systems while providing them with necessary amino acids needed for muscle growth.

In addition to prioritizing quality ingredients, infant formula UK ensures minimal processing during production. The gentle manufacturing process helps retain more natural nutrients compared to other formulas on the market. This approach guarantees that babies receive wholesome goodness without unnecessary additives or artificial flavors commonly found elsewhere.

Where to Buy HIPP United Kingdom Formula

You won’t find HIPP United Kingdom in stores anywhere in the USA. The best place to get the best organic European baby formula is online. We offer the stage that is right for your baby’s age. You will also find that our prices are competitive and our delivery is fast. No baby should wait for formula and neither should you.

You can buy Hipp UK organic formula in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Boston, Portland, Washington, Indianapolis, Louisville and other.