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From birth
Contains Omega 3
Contains DHA
EU organic certified
Made in Netherlands
From 6 months
Contains Omega 3
Contains DHA
EU organic certified
Made in Netherlands
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How can one explain the positive reviews and popularity of goat milk formula? While the baby formula market in the USA is dominated by cow milk formula, goat milk is one of the most consumed sources of dairy in the world. It is easier for a family to raise a goat than it is to raise a cow as a milk source.

Hipp goats milk formula has all of the advantages of goat milk as well as the benefits of organic ingredients. Hipp goat milk contains less lactose and is more digestible than cow milk. Since you cannot buy in stores, online orders bring Hipp formula goat milk near to you.

Hipp Goat Formula Stages

Hipp organic goat formula comes in two different versions: German and Dutch.

Hipp German Goat Formula

  • Stage PRE (from birth on) - 400g
  • Stage 1 (from birth on) - 400g
  • Stage 2 Follow-On milk (from 6 months on) - 400g
  • Stage 3 Toddler milk (from 12 to 36 months) - 400g

Hipp Dutch Goat Formula

  • Stage 1 (from birth on) - 400g
  • Stage 2 (from 6 months on) - 400g
  • Stage 3 (from 12 months on) - 400g

Where is Hipp Goat Formula Made?

Hipp has been making organic baby foods and formulas for over 100 years in Europe, but only recently introduced Hipp formula goat milk. The German pioneers of biodynamic farming use only the best ingredients from select organic farms in Germany and Europe that meet or exceed their strict guidelines. Hipp goat milk formula reviews from several generations of Hipp families share their satisfaction.

Hipp Goat Formula Ingredients

Hipp goat formula ingredients are sourced from organic farms as possible. This includes A2 goat’s milk, lactose, oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil), and fish oil as a source of the DHA requirement. Hipp goat milk formula ingredients also includes galacto-oligosaccharides from lactose. This is a natural prebiotic that aids digestion by feeding good bacteria in the gut. This helps make Hipp goat formula as close to breastmilk as possible. All of the other ingredients are vitamins and minerals required for a baby’s growth and development.

Hipp Goat Preparation Instructions

Hipp goat formula preparation instructions are easy to follow.

  1. Boil clean water and let cool to about 120 °F. Pour into a sterilized bottle.
  2. Add 1 leveled scoop (provided in the package) per 1 fluid ounce of water.
  3. Shake until powder is completely dissolved.
  4. Let cool to about 100 °F. Test before serving.

Follow the instructions to prepare Hipp formula ahead of time if stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Dispose of any unused formula including bottles that are more than 1 hour old at room temperature.

Store opened packages of Hipp formula in cool, dry areas. Do not refrigerate or freeze the powder.

Where to Buy Hipp Goat Formula

European baby formula is not available in stores in the US, so you need to know where to buy Hipp goat organic baby formula.

For the best products and service for Hipp formulas, The Best From Japan has all of the stages of Hipp goat formula in stock. Online shopping is easy and there are low prices and promotions available. Some of the best discounts come from buying in bulk. Delivery is fast and you can always find help choosing the right product for you and your baby.

Find more about Hipp and other brands at The Best From Japan today.

You can buy HiPP goat baby formula in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, Boston, Portland, Washington, Indianapolis, Louisville and other.

Products of Hipp Goat Baby Formula

Hipp Germany:

  • HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage PRE Organic (400g) German Version from Birth
  • HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 2 Organic Follow-On Milk (400g) German Version 6+ months
  • HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 3 Organic Toddler Milk (400g) German Version 12-36 months

Hipp Dutch

  • HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 1 (400g) from Birth
  • HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 2 (400g) 6+ months
  • HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 3 (400g) 12+ months

Reasons to Give Formula to Breastfed Babies

  • Fear that the baby is not getting enough breast milk.

  • Returning to work where breastfeeding is not possible, or there is no place to express breast milk.

  • The baby is not sucking well or has little breast milk (this can happen if the baby is underweight or has had breast surgery).

  • It is inconvenient to breastfeed in public places.

  • The baby is not gaining weight.

When is Breastfeeding not recommended?

In some cases, breastfeeding is not recommended:

  • The mother has a medical condition.

  • The mother has an infectious disease, such as HIV.

  • The mother is undergoing chemotherapy.

  • The mother is taking certain medications. These medicines can pass into the baby's body through the breast milk and can harm the baby. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a doctor about all medicines before breastfeeding your baby.

  • Babies born prematurely have unique nutritional needs.

  • Infants born with rare genetic diseases such as galactosemia or phenylketonuria.