HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 2 (400g) 6+

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HiPP Dutch Goat Milk Stage 2 is perfectly balanced for babies 6-12 months old. This premium formula is naturally gentle and wholesome for even the most delicate systems. 100% natural nutritionally balanced and organic. Each box contains 400g / 16oz of formula powder.

At this stage, HiPP Dutch Goat Milk Formula continues to be a complement to breast milk or to use as an accompaniment to your babies' weaning diet. Lactose is the main ingredient and is the only carbohydrate, no added sugars, just pure nutrition that is well balanced to support your baby's cognitive development and physical growth.

HiPP baby formulas are carefully designed with necessary vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, D, and iron to boost bodily and nervous system formation. Organic fish oil is a good source of fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 to aid in brain growth and naturally-occurring A2 prebiotic from GOS to aid in the growth of good bacteria in the gut to make digestion and absorption easier for even the most sensitive babies. HiPP organic goat milk formula follows all EU standards and unlike American over-the- counter brands, HiPP goat milk formula meets strict infant nutrition regulations. Sourced sustainably, all ingredients are certified EU organic to ensure they are 100% free from steroids, pesticides, growth hormones, and non-medical necessary antibiotics.

HiPP is a family owned company that values the best in pure ingredients leaving out GMO’s, gluten, soy, and added sugars from the farm to your infant's bottle, From six months through the first year of life, little ones love the creamy taste, and easy digestibility of this A2 milk.


Goat's Milk*, Lactose*, Vegetable Oils* (Palm Oil*, Rapeseed Oil*, Sunflower Oil*), Goat's Milk Powder*, Galacto-oligosaccharides from Lactose*, Calcium Carbonate, Fish oil1, Potassium Citrate, Vitamin C, Sodium Citrate, Ferrous Sulphate, L-tyrosine, L- tryptophan, L-cystine, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Niacin (Nicotinamide), Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D-pantothenate), Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Manganese Sulfate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite , Vitamin K, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin D, D-biotin, Vitamin B12.

*From organic farming

1. Contains DHA (as required by law for all infant formulas) DHA belongs to the omega-

3 fatty acid family.

Nutritional Values:

Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared

Energy 68kcal

Total Fat 3.7g

Saturates 1.6g

Monounsaturates 1.6g

Polyunsaturates 0.5g

Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 0.42g

Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 0.06g

DHA 13.6mg

Total Carbs 7.1g

Sugars 7.1g

Lactose 7.0g

Fiber 0.5g

Galacto-oligosaccharides 0.5g

Protein 1.4g

Sodium 20mg

Potassium 84mg

Chloride 63mg

Calcium 77mg

Phosphorus 43mg

Magnesium 6.3mg

Iron 1.0mg

Zinc 0.5mg

Copper 54mcg

Manganese 7mcg

Fluoride <1mcg

Selenium 3.1mcg

Iodine 14mcg

Vitamin A 56mcg

Vitamin D 1.6mcg

Vitamin E 0.8mg

Vitamin K 3.9mcg

Vitamin C 10mg

Vitamin B1 0.051mg

Vitamin B2 0.14mg

Niacin 0.53mg

Vitamin B6 0.042mg

Folic Acid 10mcg

Vitamin B12 0.10mcg

Biotin 1.6mcg

Pantothenic Acid 0.35mg


Step 1:

Sterilze bottle, nipple, and ring in boiling water for 3-min before each use.

Step 2:

Boil the water and cool it down to approximately 120 °F. Pour about half of the water into the bottle.

Step 3:

Fill the measuring spoon and level with a knife for accurate measurement. Add the quantity of milk powder indicated in the table on back of this page into the bottle.

Step 4:

Shake thoroughly. Add the rest of the water and shake again. Cool down to drinking temperature of about 100 °F. Feeding Chart (This table is a guide only; your baby should be fed on demand, particularly in the first few weeks, and may need more or less than the volumes stated. If you need more advice, please contact your healthcare professional).

Brand: HIPP Formula

Features From 6 months Contains Omega 3 Contains DHA EU organic certified Made in Netherlands
Anna Veksler 25/01/2023
My twins love this formula!
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