sabina 04/06/2017

We like this diapers! They are the best!
- Super absorbent and doesn't leak;
- have lines in the center which turns light green when wet;
- breathable. We have never had diaper rash.

Jing 04/06/2017

This product is fantastic. Super soft, super absorbent, all you would want for your baby. We had been using merries in our home country until our baby turned 1, and then moved to US. It's too bad now we can't find anything that is even close to merries quality.

Evelina 04/06/2017

These diapers are fantastic! I prefer cloth diapers, and do laundry more than twice a week. I was looking for disposable diapers that would be alternative to a cloth diapers and I was recommended Japanese diapers Merries, very high quality. These are great!! There was not irritation on the baby skin.
I bought 1 packs of M size for my daughter and found it to be very absorbent and light weight. Inside the diaper has a wavy top sheet which is ultra soft and gentle to the skin. After trying, pampers, mamy poko, huggies, and seven generation I find merries to be the best.

Nancy 24/04/2017

High quality products, most of which are imported from Europe. Great price with great service

GARY 24/04/2017

Excellent customer service, great experience every time!!!!!!"

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