European Organic Baby Formula is Safer Than American Formula

There are many options for parents that choose to use formula, but not all formulas are created equally. In the European Union (EU), the safety standards for infant formula are much stricter than those in the United States. There are several ingredients found in American formulas that are illegal in the EU such as sucralose more commonly known as sugar. Moms who want the highest quality organic European baby formula for their babies in the U.S. can easily use better formula. Holle Organic European Baby Formula is created with the highest quality ingredients and an ideal replacement for mothers milk. 

Never heard of Holle Organic European Baby Formula? Here's some important information for you to consider. Holle is a German food company that has a long history, they have were established in 1933. Their all-organic formulas are made from cow milk. These cows get preferential treatment at Demeter Farms, they wander freely grazing on pesticide-free grass. They hold themselves to the strictest standards surpassing the already stringent EU formula standards. That is because Holle Organic European Baby Formula comes from a brand that truly cares about what is fed to innocent babies.

Organic, chemical-free products are the very best option for babies and toddlers. Synthetic options just do not provide the same level of nutrition it is as simple as that. Holle Organic European Baby Formula is made to help infants grow and thrive naturally with top-notch ingredients that parents can feel good about. Organic European Baby Formula is always non-GMO. Holle Organic European Baby Formula has a wide range of formula ranging from newborn to toddler. They also offer a variety of other amazing organic baby products. As a parent, you always want to do what's safest for your child and Organic European Baby Formula is the best.