Moony Wet Wipes for Babies

As a mother, you want to make the best choices for your children. Moony Wet Wipes for Babies are super soft and gentle to use. The fluffy microfibers are gentle, soothing and perfect for your baby's delicate skin, yet they are strong enough to provide a complete cleaning. They can be used to clean babies bottoms and messy faces. Your precious bundle of joy will look forward to changing time with these ultra-soothing wipes.

These baby wipes are available in a flushable type making them a convenient choice. This flushable type can be tossed into the toilet and completely forgotten about. They are great for mothers as well, as they are hygienic and can make you feel fresher throughout the day. You can place them right into the bathroom and use them in place of conventional toilet paper.

These wet wipes are suitable for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. Many different brands of baby wipes are saturated with heavy preservatives and perfumes. These can be highly irritating to the skin. However these are formulated without harsh fragrances and chemicals. They are paraben free and non-alcoholic. Parabens have been known to cause a host of problems such as breast cancers and tumors. Make a good choice for your baby and choose Moony.These wipes are perfect for your child at any age.

The packaging is designed with UniCharm's "Perfect Seal". The simple design makes it easy to open and close the container, especially in messy situations. Your wipes will also remain fresh and moist for a longer period of time.

The brand offers a variety of excellent products for your baby's delicate skin. These include swimming pull ups for boys and girls, "air fit" diapers for preemies and newborns and breast feeding pads.

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