Taking care of your baby's nails

Babies are incredibly sensitive to pain and their small sizes make them difficult to care for in many ways. Nail care is particularly challenging as the nails of a baby are small and hard to reach with traditional nail clippers or scissors.

A suite of products to help take care of the nails of your child are available. There are several innovations in these products that make them particularly helpful for those who are looking to trim the nails of their babies. One of these innovations is undoubtedly the size of the clippers which are smaller and have refined blades that make the process of trimming nails easy and painless. This is harder for a manufacturer than one may think; making a metal clipper that is small sharp, and sturdy and resistant to breaking is challenging and takes modern technologies. Duller blades are more likely to cause injury than sharper ones are so a degree of strengthen and sharpness in the cutter is essential.

Another innovation is the inclusion of a small magnifying lens that can be quickly flipped up and used to examine the nails so that a parent can actually see their babies nails when they are clipping them. This makes for a more accurate cut and reduces the chance that you injure your baby while trimming their nails.

Sterility is another challenge that parents face when trimming the nails of their babies to keep them safe. Bacteria can lead to infection and serious health problems and the best way to counter bacteria is with a sterile trimmer or scissor. Trimmers for babies are made with materials like stainless steel which are easy to keep sterile but other sterilizing additions are commonly added to further reducing the chance of infection such as antibacterial surface additives.

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