Holle Baby Cereal


When a baby is ready to start solids, cereal is a good start. Along with a regular diet of breast milk or infant formula, baby cereal is easy to digest and fortified with nutrients. Holle baby cereal is a great choice for introducing a variety of grains with the assurance of Demeter certified ingredients and practices. Holle is one of the pioneers of biodynamic agriculture in Germany and the only baby food company with Demeter”s high distinction of organic quality. For those who already use the Holle brand for baby formula, they already know a brand when their baby is ready to transition into cereals and solids.

Product List of Holle Cereal

Holle cereals for 4 months old are the easiest to digest because they are made with fine, soluble flakes of whole grains. It mixes well with breast milk or formula and gives it a natural thickness that will fill a baby up a little more. 

Holle Cereals for 4 Month Old:

  • Holle Organic Oatmeal Porridge
  • Holle Organic Millet (Hirse) Porridge
  • Holle Organic Rice Porridge
  • Holle Organic Spelt (Dinkel) Wheat Porridge
  • Holle Corn & Tapioca Organic (Bio) Porridge Cereal
  • Holle Organic Wholegrain Porridge

Holle cereals for 6 months old and on are ideal for babies who have a digestive system that is more mature and can better absorb nutrients compared to when they were 4 months old. There are new grains and flavors that are not milled as finely, but also these cereals are fortified with the nutrients that support their growth and development. 

Holle Cereals for 6 Month Old:

  • Holle Organic Baby Musli Porridge Cereal
  • Holle Organic 3-Grain Porridge
  • Holle OrganicVegetable Porridge Pumpkin Corn and Rice 

Benefits of Holle Cereal

Holle cereals use grains that come from organic farms that are not exposed to herbicides and pesticides. These types of chemicals can affect a baby’s neurological development at this critical time in their growth. They only use the best grains that are fortified with iron. There are a variety of grains and flavors to introduce to your baby’s palate and expose them to new and exciting ingredients. All of these details come under an agricultural philosophy that is mindful of the balance between the land, the animals, and the people who live there. Not only does Holle have a positive impact on a baby’s nutrition in their first year of life, but they are making a greater impact on the environment that they will live in for years to come.

If your baby is ready to start solids or needs something to satisfy their growing appetite, find our selection of the baby cereals of Holle at The Best of Japan. We only carry the best organic brands from Europe and Japan that benefit your baby’s life. Read the reviews of happy parents with happy babies who have already started their journey of solid foods with Holle.