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Merries Diapers from The Best From Europe and Japan


Without a doubt the most precious thing anyone has is a newborn baby. Those little bundles of joy are so dependent on us to feed them, care for them, and love them. When it comes to caring for a new little one, every parent wants the best for them including food, clothing, soaps and lotions, and of course the most important in personal hygiene...diapers.

Baby Nails - Baby Safe


You see your little baby for the first time, you look into their little eyes, count their tiny toes and hold their delicate hand in yours. You instantly feel connected and protective. It's your job as a parents to make the best choices for your child's well being and safety.

Cotton Swabs, The Best For Your Baby


Your newborn/infants ears, nose and belly button are extremely sensitive and delicate. Unnecessary force to clean and moisten these areas should be avoided at all costs. This is where we come in. Our Cotton Swabs are both safe and effective in cleaning your baby's hard to reach areas safely and leaving them extra moist offering their skin optimal protection. 

Goo.N Baby diapers


Diapers Goo.N are quite cheap and the diapers are thought through to the smallest details. Their soft surface will protect even the most sensitive skin of the baby. Instantly absorbent layer of the diaper copes with its task, and it perfectly holds baby diarrhea. The material from which the diaper is manufactured, has a special delay function and it neutralizes odors, which may occur after use.

Moony Baby Diapers


Japanese diapers Moony - Many parents find them the best among Japanese diapers. The skin of the newborn is 2 times thinner than the skin of adults, so it is easily exposed to external stimuli. Diapers Moony have a new layer of soft, silk-like material «Air Silky» that is more gentle to the child's skin. Due to this layer, the friction is reduced by 40%, compared with the other products of the company. Mooney diapers are more gentle to the skin and cause less irritation. Thanks to improvements in technology «Air Through», the company managed to achieve what was previously impossible - a combination of softness and high absorbency. A new layer of «Air Silky» is created from thin fibers, almost like silk fibers, which allows for unmatched smoothness to the touch.

Merries Pull Ups


Thinking about buying Japanese diapers Merries? That’s a great choice! These pull-ups are for healthy growth and freedom of movement for your baby, since active growing babies can move easier while wearing the diapers. Pull-ups Merries “breathe”, are not too snug, and let your baby enjoy life. Below you can see prices, photos and varieties of pull ups Merries.

Goo.N Pull Ups


Goo.N diapers are very comfortable and at the same time have a number of advantages compared with other Japanese diapers.

Moony Pull Ups


Your baby's bottom will always be dry, and his mood will be perfect.

What is the difference between these Japanese diapers? Comparison of Merries, Moony, and Goo.N


Every parent wants to give their child the best of everything to make the life of the child comfortable. In the baby’s first years of life, it is very important to become friends with good diapers. Not only does health depend on this, but the baby’s sleep and mood, as well as the general atmosphere in the family, do too. If the parents get enough sleep, spend more time with their child, and not spend all their time washing diapers, bed-sheets, underpants, and stockings, then they will have more patience,and will be strong enough to fully enjoy the great happiness of their little human.

Advantages of Japanese Diapers


Only ecologically clean and safe materials which do not contain formaldehyde, phthalates and chlorine compounds are used in production; no unnecessary additives such as aromas or lotions (even less so synthetic ones) are used.

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