The benefits of Organic European Baby Formula

Why Go Organic?
Although nearly all pediatricians recommend breastfeeding, it’s not always practical. The busy lifestyle of today’s parents often results in making sacrifices. We sacrifice time spent with our children in order to generate an income for our families. We become the selfless parents that we never thought we had the capacity to ever be. But why should our children’s nutritional health have to be compromised? It doesn’t. Certainly nothing trumps a mother’s breast milk; not only does it naturally contain all of the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs, it also contain disease fighting substances that will keep your baby protected from illnesses while their immune system develops. So what’s the alternative? Infant formula; in layman’s terms, it’s cow’s milk that has been altered to resemble breast milk. To make baby formula an even more enticing alternative, many parents are choosing to go organic. Why? Well most likely it’s because many of the ingredients listed on the nutritional facts label of non-organic formulas, reads like a science project. Organic European baby formula is strictly regulated; the European Union has banned synthetic nutrients like lycopene, taurine, and many others. Parents can feel confident that their child is getting the full nutritional benefit of the formula, and that the organic European baby formula that they have selected is free of harmful additives.

Milk formula for kids is no exception; parents inherently want the absolute best for their kids, and many will still prefer the organic alternative, even when their babies become toddlers. The main difference between infant formula and milk formulated for toddlers is that the amount of calcium and phosphorous levels in toddler milk is higher. Milk formula for kids is a logical transition following infant formula, and is an excellent stepping-stone to whole milk. The biggest issue with whole milk is, like adults; some toddlers may have a difficult time digesting it. So are there any other options? Yes, goat formula for kids is a great alternative. Goat formula for kids is chemically similar to human milk, and it’s easier for the body to digest.

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