Baby Diapers from Japan

Japan has a few diaper brands, just as the United States does; the diaper brand I am going to be talking about in this article is the Merries brand of diapers. It may be unusual to buy baby diapers from japan; however, japanese diapers for baby are one of the best kinds of diapers to buy period. The Merries brand in specific is one of the best options for your baby, these are the reasons why:


The top sheep in these diapers will not stick to your baby’s skin while wearing it. This is extremely nice because this technology allows for air to flow through the diaper, between the baby’s bottom and the lining of the diaper. Already baby diapers from japan are a better option because none of the diapers here in America have that breathability option. 

Superb Absorbency:

The unique duel channel absorbent core instantly pulls in, and locks away the baby’s pee. This allows for the diaper to remain dryer feeling on the surface. 

Soft Poo Absorbing Sheet:

The recessed areas of the soft sheet allow a trap for the soft poo to get caught in. The soft sheet prevents the dispersion of the poo continually drawing moisture away. Because of these japanese diapers for baby, it keeps the soft poo from irritating the babies delicate skin. 

Flexi-Fix “W” Shape

Merries diapers have thought of everything, even down to the actual fit of the diaper. The W shape allows for the diaper to fit comfortably around the crotch. This allows for easier movements in the limbs, and less irritation from rubbing in places where it shouldn’t be rubbing. Don’t you want the best for your baby? Be sure to visit the website where you can find these amazing diapers online at: