Holle Organic Cereals

When selecting nutrients that should be in infant or toddler mealtimes, many parents or providers commonly choose cereal, also known as porridge, as a simple, nutritious meal or snack. As one of the main grain-based meal options for kids, porridge has become organic, a viable option for European organic suppliers as well as international organic suppliers worldwide.
Holle Organic Cereals produces high-quality food products that follow a few core company principles. The use of bio-engineering is strictly prohibited in all ingredients. No salt, dyes, preservatives or any added sugar in products. Holle is proudly gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan, and carries the distinction of being made endorsed by Demeter, a label given to good manufacturing practices in the field. The Demeter trademark is only given to organizations that support organic and biodynamic systems.
One of the examples of Holle’s products is the Organic Goat Milk Baby Formula. This product comes powdered and is easily and simply prepared with hot water. Providing cow's milk-free options is an area where European organic cereal manufacturers outpace the lobbyist,corruption-plagued American food supply line.
In addition to organic goat milk baby formula and organic rice porridge cereal options, Holle also offers organic baby formulas from infant through the kids stage (toddler) stage. Providing quality substances like organic vegetable oil and 99% small farms local production, Holle, imported from Europe, offers something that American manufacturers can not- quality organic products. 
Holle was founded in Switzerland, has a stellar reputation as one of the “oldest food manufacturers in Europe” and has a love-for-all mentality. Albert Diefenbach, company founder notes that the endeavors of the company encompass more than providing responsible consumer foods, Holle is dedicated to the preservation of the planet. One of the projects that Holle is involved in seeks to cut global climate pollution by reducing carbon emission through environmentally-friendly farming.
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