Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula

The organic European baby formula sounds exotic and expensive, right? Well, you're incorrect. Lebenswert organic baby formula is definitely exotic but expensive, no. The organic baby formula is the new innovation of the century. 
The organic European baby formula is a great alternative to breastfeeding. Lebenswert has great reviews regarding women's babies reacting to the formula. All the babies had improved bowel movements, helped the babies digestive system and provided the mother's with a sense of comfort when feeding them. The great thing about the organic European baby formula is, that it is sweetened with lactose which is in breastmilk. So mother's enjoy knowing there are some benefits in the formula they are feeding their babies. The had no preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free, bioland milk and the best part easy for your baby to digest. There are approximately 130oz of mixed formula in one bottle. You can find more information on their website which will be listed down below. 
The price of the formula averages less than the majority of the top leading baby formulas in the US. The ingredients are more natural rather than other baby formulas which have corn syrup as their top ingredient. Inside the formula, there is a scoop where you can scoop the formula ounce by ounce rather than having to guess with a 2oz scoop.
Their baby formula comes in stages. Stage 1 is for 0+, stage 2 is for 6 months+. and stage 3 is for 10 months on up. The baby formula is made in Europe and Japan, now I know what you're thinking, there is no way it won't get here in a reasonable time. They guarantee fast free shipping in 1-3 days. They always have a promotion happening, so if you are looking for a good deal but want more than one bottle of formula, I suggest purchasing 6 bottles of formula and you will get a $12 discount. For more information on their products feel free to visit their website, www.thebestfromjapan.com