About Baby Diapers In Japan

For new mothers, it is exciting yet stressful when it comes to preparing and then taking care of the new baby. There are many things that have to be bought and considered for the infant from toys to cribs to baby food to diapers. Having the right diaper for the baby is important because it should keep the baby’s skin dry and protect them from rashes. While the fit is very important in choosing the right diaper for the baby, the chance of blowouts and leaks are still common in brands and styles. Veteran mothers know to avoid buying diapers in bulk before the baby is born as it may quickly outgrow the diaper’s size, as well as the fact that one certain diaper may not be the best for the baby.

Japanese diapers come in two types: taped and pull-up. On these diapers, yellow-green linescan can be seen cutting through the middle and up the back of the diaper, signaling when the diaper is wet when the lines become blue. Taped diapers have the advantage of being adjustable in size with fasteners on either side. With the pull-up type, the advantage is the child can hold their head up and roll over and crawl safely without the diaper falling off. Japanese baby Pull-up diapers like Goon, Merries and Moony can tear off on its sides for easy removal. If the baby’s legs are moving a lot during a diaper change, then moving to a quick put-on diaper like the underwear pull-up is suggested.

Some of the most notable brands to get are Merries and Moony. Merries is more breathable for babies while Moony is good for leak prevention. For foreigners giving birth in Japan, note that, per tradition in Japan, a package of diapers will be sent home for the baby. For samples, it is suggested to contact the manufacturer or sign up for monthly benefits or events at shopping malls and hospitals that helps new mothers in promoting baby health and safety.

When it comes to being on-the-go and the need to carry diapers, the local convenience store is not a good option. It is widely suggested to go to drugstores, baby sections in department stores, or large supermarkets. This is because convenience stores only have limited sizes and brands, as well as the limited amount of diapers in the back. However if you can plan ahead, it is also recommended to use specialized online retailers like thebestfromjapan.com who can always offer full selection of sizes and quality.

Japanese Diapers
are more advanced in quality than American or European-made ones. The fabrics are very soft, fluffy, and absorbs liquid faster to keep the baby dry. Japanese diapers also are now made with eco-friendly materials and without chemicals that have side effects when wearing them. Japanese diapers come in baby-friendly forms and have their advantages that makes them more attractive for parents in keeping their child dry and happy.