Cotton Swabs, The Best For Your Baby

Your newborn/infants ears, nose and belly button are extremely sensitive and delicate. Unnecessary force to clean and moisten these areas should be avoided at all costs. This is where we come in. Our Cotton Swabs are both safe and effective in cleaning your baby's hard to reach areas safely and leaving them extra moist offering their skin optimal protection.

One the pink side of our swabs is a sticky surface, with baby olive oil, which does the job of cleaning these small delicate openings in your baby and clearing out all dirt and bacteria.
We also offer an alternative cotton swab, also safe and effective, but soaked in plant based oil.
Hygienic individual wrapping prevents each swabs oils from drying out, which means our product stays fresher longer.
Both have been allergy tested!

You can order your first package of baby safe swabs online in our Baby Care Products section of our website!