European Baby Formula

There are a few reasons why Americans are using the European hypoallergenic formula.

Bio-dynamic organic farming

The organic european baby formula is made through the bio-dynamic organic farming. This means that it is organic farming on all natural steroids. Therefore, there are not going to be any pesticides or chemical fertilizers used inside of the soil during farming. Instead the only fertilizer that will be used is nature's favorite, poo. The plants and animals will not go through any genetic modification. The entire ecosystem of the farm including the soil, seeds, humans, and animals are considered and will be maintained.


There are certain ingredients that are not going to be found in this infant milk formula because the manufacturers of the organic European baby formula are not allowed to use them. Some of these ingredients include glucose, rice syrup, corn syrup, table sugar, and fructose. This means that they are also going to use any type of sweetener in the infant milk formula but because it is going to need something to sweeteners so that the baby will eat it, the manufacturers have found different ways to sweeten it like lactose and maltodextrin, which are more gentle for baby.

Gut Balance

The Europeans understand that the European hypoallergenic formula is going to need to have all of the prebiotics and probiotics inside of it so that the baby is going to have a healthy digestive system. This is because the baby is just starting to figure out how to use their organs. All of these nutrients are going to be found in breast milk so they know that the formula is going to need to have them. Therefore, there is a less chance of the baby having chronic constipation or diarrhea a lot when they are just a baby.