Goat Milk Organic European Baby Formula

Organic European Baby Formula

All parents want the best care for their babies and toddlers. That's why more moms are switching to goat's milk baby formulas. Mom's know goat's milk is gentler and easier to absorb than cow's milk. Plus goat's milk baby formulas are certified organic.

What: Organic European Baby Formula

Why: Because goat's milk contains fewer allergens than cow's milk, your baby is less likely to have an allergic reaction and goat's milk is easier on baby's stomach. The proteins in goat's milk are softer and easier to digest than cow's milk, and therefore it's gentler on your baby's sensitive belly. Another advantage to goat's milk is it contains more calcium, Vitamin A, potassium, and anti-oxidants than cow's milk. Organic European Baby Formula meets all EU certified organic foods standards. Pure wholesome goodness in every drop. No added colors, preservatives, and it's non-GMO. Our Goat Milk Organic European Baby Formula is the best on the baby market. Easy to prepare. Just add boiled water, shake, and cool.

What's In It: (99%) organic goats milk from organically-fed goats that freely roam the lush foliage from the European fields and land, vegetable oils that are organically grown, and 1% added vitamins and minerals.

What's Not In It: Organic European Baby Formula Goat's Milk does not contain any added sugar, growth hormones, wheat, brown rice, gluten, preservatives.

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*Better and easier to digest for babies. 
*Meets all EU certifications for organic foods. 
*Supports baby's immune system.
*Supports baby's sensitive belly and is easier to digest. 
* No added hormones, non-GMO, no added sugars, Gluten-free, no preservatives or wheat, is soy free and contains no artificial colors.
* Made to mimic to Mother's Breastmilk.

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