Hipp Organic Formula Storage Box

Being a parent can sometimes feel like endless string of decisions. Some are easy, and some are more difficult. Deciding to use formula to feed your baby may be one of the first decision you will make as a parent. Makers of organic european baby formula make the decision of which formula to use easy.

Why are American mothers so excited about organic European baby formula? One reason is that the makers of organic European baby formula have much stricter regulations than American made formula. Breastmilk is naturally sweet, so the formula needs to taste sweet. Organic European baby formula are not allowed to use corn syrup, fructose, glucose,sucrose(table sugar), or carrageenan. Organic European baby formula makers have discovered other ways to sweeten their formula using lactose and safe,small doses of maltodextrin.

Another reason mothers are using organic European baby formula is because of the emphasis on gut balance. American made formulas may by catching up to the importance of a balanced digestive system, but a majority of formula made in America do not contain the proper amount of probiotics and prebiotics. Babies, who are just starting to use the digestive organs, need the right amount to assist in the digestion of milk. Breastmilk contains the proper amounts of pro- and prebiotics, and European organic baby formula has successfully reproduced the balance their products. 

Another decision that can be easily made as a parent is how to store formula. The Hipp organic milk storage box comes with a leveler for easy measuring. One sachet, up to 800g, can be stored up to 3 weeks. The Hipp organic milk storage box can be easily cleaned and sterilized in the dishwasher between packs of formula.

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