Holle's Organic Goat Milk Baby Formula

You always want the best for your baby so feeding your child the best should be at the top of your list. Holle's organic goat milk infant formula is 100% organic, natural and easy to make. The powdered formula serves as a great alternative to cow's milk-based formulas, which can contain harmful synthetics and hormones. Holle's organic goat milk comes in powder form to be mixed with hot water. It is made with full cream goat milk derivatives and is full of the essential vitamins and minerals every growing baby needs. 

Like a reliable family member, Holle's is made to grow with you and your family. The formula is available in three levels (1 through 3), and is made specially formulated for your child's growth needs, from ages infant to toddler. 

Founded in Switzerland by Albert Diefenbach, the company specializes in delivering premium quality, certified products to its consumers for 80 years. Holle is one of the oldest food manufacturers in Europe, and its brand philosophy "Love, Comfort and Holle", is always what it aims for. Not only is Holle good for baby but it is also good for the environment, being known as one of the leading manufacturers of its kind. The company makes a conscious effort to maintain sustainability and promote social responsibility through its products. One of its biggest efforts is called Soil & More International, which works towards developing agricultural processes that cut down on carbon emissions created by manufacturing. The program currently operates in Egypt and South Africa.

Holle food is available for purchase online and also offers other dairy, grain and fruit products from porridges to puree pouches. Before feeding your child these alternatives, doctors advise testing for any food allergies. 

For more information and purchasing, visit TheBestfromEuropeAndJapan.com to buy yours today.