Nasal Aspirator For Your Baby!

Does your baby have a cold? flu? sinus infection? allergies? It can be hard on your little one when they are sick and don't even yet know how to blow their own nose. Their health and happiness is important to you, their parents, and it is just as important to us. Which is why wants to offer you this amazing and effective solution! Our Nasal Aspirator is an ingenious product. Developed with the help of leading Japanese experts otolaryngologists. This is safe for all babies, from birth. You, the adult insert one end in your mouth and the other end in your babies nose. As you suck in air, their built up mucus is sucked into the bottle, without going further up the tube, and allows your baby to breath as their nasal passages clear! A convenient case is included with purchase so your aspirator can be stored. It is re-usable.