Best Organic Baby Cereal

As a parent, you have a choice of the foods you offer to your children until they are old enough to make that choice on their own. It is important to educate yourself on the quality of baby food products available to you. Since babies start with cereal, their first solid food should be the best organic baby cereal.

Brands of Organic Baby Cereal

We want the best for our own babies, so we have done the research for parents like you. Not all organic baby foods meet our standard of quality. That is why our choices look at those who meet or exceed most organic guidelines. Our choices available at The Best From Japan are:

  • Holle
  • Fleur Alpine
  • Bebi Premium

Holle Cereal Product List

Holle is a Demeter-certified baby food company based in Europe. Their biodynamic approach to agriculture strengthens the life processes in soil and food. Without chemical pesticides and herbicides, the quality of the cereal comes through in the taste without contamination that can impact a baby’s growth and development. Holle’s reputation is more than 85 years strong.

Holle Organic Baby Musli Porridge Cereal (6 months +)

Holle Musli Porridge contains whole grain wheat flakes that are Demeter certified. The fruit flavors from real pieces of banana, raspberry, and apple naturally sweeten the organic cereal. It is easy to digest and mixes well with either breast milk or baby formula.

Holle Organic Oatmeal Porridge (4 months +)

Holle Oatmeal Porridge is one of the best first cereals for your baby. It starts with whole grain oat flour from Germany that meets the highest of standards. When your baby starts fruit purees, it is a delicious addition to their cereal.

Holle Organic 3-Grain Porridge (6 months +)

As your baby learns to tolerate and enjoy simple cereals such as oatmeal and rice, they can start more complex flavors like Holle’s 3-Grain Porridge. The combination of whole grain rice flour, corn flour, and whole grain millet flour is a great source of Vitamin B1 while still being easy to digest.

Holle Organic Millet (Hirse) Porridge (4 months +)

Holle Millet Porridge is another great cereal to start a baby that is discovering solid foods. Whole grain millet is the main ingredient. This cereal is easy to mix with breast milk or baby formula and can be combined with organic fruit purees for a sweeter flavor in a mixed diet.

Holle Organic Rice Porridge (4 months +)

Many babies will start with a rice cereal like Holle’s Rice Porridge because it is easy for a baby’s developing digestive system to handle. It is filling and creamy when served gently warmed with either breast milk or baby formula.

Holle Organic Spelt (Dinkel) Wheat Porridge (4 months +)

Spelt is an ancient grain that is good for your baby even when they are starting out on solid foods. Holle Spelt Wheat Porridge is made with whole grain millet and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Make it as thin or thick as you want when mixed with breast milk or baby formula.

Holle Organic Vegetable Porridge Pumpkin Corn and Rice (6 months +)

Rather than add a combination of purees in your baby’s cereal, Holle Vegetable Porridge has all of the delicious flavors of a mixed diet in one box. Organic maize flour and rice flour are blended with naturally sweet pumpkin and corn. Older babies may like it with meat added as well.

Holle Corn & Tapioca Organic (Bio) Porridge Cereal 250g

The flavors of Holle’s Corn & Tapioca Porridge are sweet and creamy while satisfying a hungry baby. The simple, organic ingredients of cornmeal, whole grain rice, and tapioca make this easy for babies to digest as early as four months of age. 

Holle Organic Wholegrain Porridge Semolina 250g

Another simple, yet nutritious baby cereal is Holle’s Wholegrain Semolina. Babies from four months on can enjoy this cereal that is made of wholemeal wheat flour and vitamin B1. It is another cereal that can grow with their tastes and needs for a filling, satisfying food.

Fleur Alpine Cereal Product List

Fleur Alpine cereals from Europe are produced with whole grains so that all of the vital nutrients and flavors are preserved. Their foods are not enriched so that it does not trigger food allergies. Their line of gluten free cereals are ideal for weaning because they are easy to digest and never contain added salt or sugar.

Fleur Alpine Organic Milk Free Cereal Buckwheat 200g (4 months +)

Fleur Alpine starts their milk free cereal with whole grain buckwheat. This grain is easy to digest as a baby’s first cereal. It is one of the best cereals to use on its own or as a part of a mixed diet with fruit purees.

Fleur Alpine Organic Baby Cereal Oatmeal without Milk (5 months +)

Fleur Alpine’s Oatmeal is fortified with vitamins and minerals, but still easy to digest. The satisfying flavor of whole oat flour is what the company focuses on with every box. Babies can feel full with the cereal alone or enjoy new flavors like fruits or vegetables mixed in.

Fleur Alpine Baby Cereal Wheat (Spelt) from 5 months

Fleur Alpine will only use the best ingredients in their cereals, and the whole wheat used in their spelt cereal is no exception. It is full of nutrients but without salt, sugar or added milk. You can control how much breast milk or baby formula goes in. 

Bebi Premium Cereal Product List

Bebi cereals come from Slovenia, but they are available at The Best From Japan. The company emphasizes the use of natural ingredients, so it focuses on foods that are not GMO nor contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. These cereals can be prepared with water, breast milk, or baby formula.

Bebi Cereal for Babies Buckwheat Milk Free 4 months 7oz / 200g

Bebi’s Buckwheat cereal is made primarily from buckwheat flour but is fortified with vitamins and minerals. This gently sweetened cereal is easy to digest and is gluten free. Babies from four months on will enjoy this cereal by itself or combined with fruit purees.

Bebi Cereal for Babies Wheat Apple Banana 8.8oz / 250g

Bebi Wheat Apple Banana Cereal already contains dry instant milk, so all you need to do is add water to the desired consistency. The fruit flavors come from condensed apple and banana juice. This fortified cereal is ideal for babies from six months on.

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