Moony Swimming Pants: Perfect For Your Little Waterbaby

Summer is quickly approaching. What's the best part of warm weather? Water play! Whether it's a trip to the lake or just playing in a kiddie pool in the backyard, Moony Swimming Pants are the perfect thing to pack in your beach bag. They are the japanese version of swim diapers that feature adorable cartoon patterns that your little one will love. They won't swell or expand in the water like diapers and contain leaks with elasticized guards. When you're ready to go inside or change, the easy tear away sides make disposal super convenient. They are sleek enough to be worn under swim trunks or a bathing suit and come in different sizes for both boys and girls. They are able to be pulled up and down without coming apart unless you want them to, so they're perfect to use while potty training. 

Ordering these great water pants is easy. Just go to and pick out the patterns that your little guy or girl will love the most. Japanese swim pants will be your new go-to item for summer. Pool party coming up? Stock up with different sizes for all your little visitors. Every mom will thank you for introducing them to this summer necessity. 

Water Pants aren't just for the warm months. Lots of kids take swim lessons at all times of year. Japanese water pants are great for pools because they assure absolutely no leaks or accidents. Have you ever gotten a diaper wet in pool and noticed strange jelly stuff floating in the water? This won't be an issue with Moony Swimming Pants. They feature different material than traditional diapers and won't expand or break apart in water. They're even perfect for indoor water play. Whatever the occasion, don't forget to pack Moony Swimming Pants.