Hipp Organic Dutch Baby Formula

Is an Organic European Baby Formula Better for Your Baby?
Of course you want the best possible nutrition for your baby. Organic European baby formula may be a better choice for your infant than American brands, which often contain artificial ingredients that can upset your baby's delicate digestive system. Many American baby formula brands contain rice, which can contain a type of arsenic. In 2012, the Consumer Products Safety Division issued a warning to parents about this issue. The Best From Japan. Organic European baby formulas do not present this danger to infants. 

HIPP Dutch Organic Dutch Baby Formula

This is an organic European baby formula that provides superior natural nutrition for your baby. It features:

  • Never any GMO's
  • Higher fatty acids for better brain growth
  • Lower mycotoxins than other brands
  • Stages that grow as your baby does

An organic European baby formula such as Hipp's is better for your baby because there are never any harsh ingredients that can cause stomach upset and feeding problems. According to the Mayo clinic, it's best for your baby to be breast or formula fed for the entire first year. That's a lot of opportunity to get the right nutrition into your baby for his best start at life. Organic European baby formula just makes sense. If your baby's system is being upset by a standard formula, he cannot tell you that. He can't tell you what's wrong. 

Hipp's Dutch Organic Baby Formula contains only the best ingredients for your baby's health:

  • Probiotic lactic acid bacteria for healthy intestinal function
  • Vitamins C, K, B2, A, B6, B12, D, E, and B1
  • Zinc, iron, calcium and fish oil

That's just a partial list of the goodness in an organic European baby formula such as Hipp's. 

If you'd try to try organic European baby formula, and you like what Hipp's contains and their commitment to making the best baby formula possible, you can visit our site and order it here: The Best From Japan

We look forward to serving you.