Lebenswert Organic European Baby Formula

To many moms, especially the new ones, feeding the child exclusively with milk is not sufficient at all. Most of these moms prefer to use baby formulas as an alternative way of nursing their babies as well as keeping them healthy and bouncy.
As a grown up, choosing the right food for yourself is an easy task as compared to doing the same for your child. New moms have always found themselves in the mix when it comes to choosing the right food formula for their children. As a word of advice, it is of the essence to handpick an organic European baby formula that will not only act as a feeding remedy for your child but also guarantee you the peace of mind that the well-being of your child is catered for accordingly.
In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the best organic European baby formula that you should consider using on your baby.
Lebenswert Holle
Holle is a German food manufacturer that has been manufacturing baby-oriented food products since 1933. It's leading organic European baby formula brand, Lebenswert happens to be one of the best baby formulas in the world.
Lebenswert was introduced in 2009 by the Holle company after the success of the Holle organic brand. Just like its predecessor, Lebenswert adheres to the Bioland regulations that require the manufacturers and farmers to develop a trusted and healthy food product for your child. This organic European baby formula is available in three different formulas namely Bio Stage One, Two, and Three. Stage One is suitable for infants, Stage Two for six-month-old babies and above, while Stage Three is for children above ten months.
This organic European baby formula is enriched with cow formulas from cows bred and raised in biodynamic Demeter farms based in Germany. Apart from this, the Lebenswert organic European baby formula undergoes a complete production cycle making it the best substitute to a mother’s nutrients.
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