Merries Baby Diapers

Speakingabout diapers Merries, produced in Japan, they have excellent customer reviews.These diapers are thin, exceptionally soft, and perfectly fit a child's abdomenand legs. However, these diapers perfectly absorb and do not leak. With diapersMerries one can forget about diaper rash and itching, thanks to the healingextract of Witch hazel, which has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action.

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Even when a child pees a lot, his bottom will remain dry and pleasant in diapers Merries. The surface of the diaper that comes into contact with the baby's skin has a "breathable" porous layer. The diaper touches the skin only in certain points and therefore breathability of a diaper is much higher. Merries do not stick to the skin and the air passes quickly and easily between the skin and the diaper.

    Also the Japanese diapers Merries (Merries sizes M, L, XL), have a special "breathable" gum with exceptional breathability. It is located along the gum of the belt in a diaper and now the kid who has been actively moving in Merries is always dry and comfortable, because the belt, where he quickly formed a sweat, is now dry. A flexible non-woven material is used when the “breathable” gum is produced, which gently stretches and compresses the waist of your baby. "Breathable" diaper gum of Merries stays well adjacent to the belt the whole day according to the movement and breathing of the child; and the edge of the diaper does not crash into the tummy and does not cause reddening.

 Baby's tummy bulges forward strongly when he takes a sitting position from a standing position or lying. In this case, " breathable " gum is very easy to stretch and gently adheres to the baby's tummy. It can be easily adjusted, and therefore the whole day it gently adheres to the tummy of the child in accordance with all its movements and does not compress it.

Reusable colored velcro fastens merries with one gentle touch.

When you spread out a diaper Merries for the youngest babies (sizes NBand S), special barriers on the edges of the diaper will also spread themselvesout " rise " and gently girth your baby's legs, so it will be able tohold the baby’s liquid waste in the diaper itself very well.    


Indicatorin Merries- three special lines will let you know that the baby has peed. Thelines in the center of the diaper will become blue when you need to change thediaper.

Breathable porous layer of the diaper Merries keeps the liquid waste of the baby well and protects baby's delicate skin from irritation. The waste is held in the pits and does not spread.

Japanese diapers Merries are made of the materials that passed strict and thoroughquality check. Soft cotton material that makes up the diaper will protect yourbaby from having chafing. Pull-ups Merries are made of: polyolefin, non-wovenpolyester, cotton linters, paper, superabsorbent polymer, polyolefin film,non-woven polypropylene, polyolefin, polyurethane, and hotmelt.