Merries Diapers

Merries diapers for babies are the number one diaper sold in Japan. Diapers for babies need to be reliable and able to hold up to any messes a baby throws their way. Merries are available in all sizes and even pull ups. These are fabulous for overnight use. A box of newborn sized merries diapers retails for $28.99 for 90 diapers. Merries newborn sized diapers are designed for babies up to 11 pounds. Merries small sized diapers are designed for babies 9 to 18 pounds and retail for $28.99. There are 82 diapers in the box of size small merries. Merries size medium diapers are designed for babies 13 to 24 pounds and 64 come in a box for $28.99. Merries size large baby diapers are made for babies 20 to 31 pounds and a box of 54 retails for $28.99. Shoppers who enjoy purchasing their baby products from will discover a fabulous deal on merries brand baby diapers. Those who purchase 6 or more boxes will receive each box for a discounted price of $26.99. This comes out to a $2 per box savings when you buy in bulk. 

There are always a few things to consider when purchasing diapers for your baby. Fit is very important. To prevent leaks make sure you are using the correct size. While weight is often the suggested guideline for purchase, some babies have longer bodies and may not meet the suggested weight on packaging. It is also important to remember no diaper is meant to last all day, check your baby's diaper often. To prevent diaper rash it is best to not let babies sit in the same diaper if it is soiled for extended periods of time. Make sure to stock your diaper bag with a few extra merries diapers so you have plenty while you are out and about with your baby. Merries and other baby products can be found here.