Merries Pull-Ups

In the wonderful world of baby bi-product disposal, parents are spoilt for choice. From traditional cloth diapers to disposables, there are many waste disposal products on the market. As your darling little miracle enters the potty training years, what better way to help them on their journey with the use of pull-up diapers for babies. The market for pull-up diapers for babies is worth $27 billion dollars globally, hence the competition. When selecting pull-up diapers for babies you should only have one choice in mind and that is Merries Pull-Ups. Merries is a brand of diaper produced by the Kao Corporation, a respected manufacturer of baby products and other goods based in Japan. 

Merries has to be the purchase you make for your baby for the following reasons. Firstly, the diapers have a breathable sheet inside, which helps baby stay dry and comfortable, it also prevents the diaper from sticking to their skin. Secondly, with a dual channel absorbent core, more pee is absorbed, thus allowing baby longer use from the diaper. Lastly, with a tailor made waistband, that prevents moisture, and "W" shaped crotch area fit, these diapers allow your baby all around comfort and prevent those irritating red marks that can be caused by other brands of diaper. Truly, a Merrie diaper pull-up baby is a happy baby.

Merries diapers are only made from materials which have been confirmed safe for baby's skin and work tirelessly with doctors to provide you with the best choice for your baby. Merries pull-ups come in many sizes and counts ranging from 22-90. They are priced at around $30 dollars, depending on your selection(please note that discounts are offered on bulk orders). If you would like to explore the Merrie brand, then please click here to purchase these comfortable pull-ups for the little person in your life.