Merries Pull-Ups

Busy moms with little ones still in diapers or baby pull-ups have a hard time choosing between all the different brands on the market. Many just don't have the time when it comes to searching for the best value. Many manufacturers make the same product, but the choice comes down to how they fit and how they perform for the money. Diapers that leak, even though they're inexpensive, are not a good value.

One brand that many moms are buying is the Merries baby pull-ups from Japan. Their lightweight, breathable material makes them good for use under clothing without being bulky, and the breathable material wicks away wetness from the baby's skin eliminating the occurrence of diaper rash. The soft cotton material keeps from chafing the baby's legs while walking and crawling.

The construction of the diaper is strong and flexible to bend and stretch when your baby moves. The soft, absorbent layer keeps wetness away leaving baby's skin dry and comfortable. The elastic material around the legs and waist prevent leaking, which is a major issue for moms on the go. Convenient tape strips on the back make clean up and disposal easy. The cute bunny designs on the cover appeal to moms and babies alike.

Super absorbent material
The inner layer has "pockets" to absorb wetness 
Made from hypoallergenic cotton 
Adjustable for a perfect fit 
Wetness indicator tells you when baby is wet 

These are a few things about this brand of baby pull-ups that parents like. They come in sizes ranging from newborn to large (21-30) pounds. While Merries is not the cheapest brand they are a good value for the money considering the quality of the material, no leaking issues and the ability to adjust the size to fit your baby's growing body. No chafing or irritation from waistbands that are too tight or rub. Visit for more information and available sizes.