Moony Diapers

One of the most important items to check off the to-do list for soon-to-be parents is finding the right diaper for their new baby. There are many in stores to choose from, and parents should also look toward Japanese diapers when they begin their search. One of the top recommended diapers by mother’s in Japan is Moony diapers.

They provide excellent leak prevention that parents are looking for while maintaining flexibility with sizing. These diapers have an ultra-dimensional form with a rounded fit that is not overly tight, fitting perfectly to a baby’s sensitive body. Many diaper leaks are due to gaps and with the snug fit of these Japanese baby diapers parents can rest a little easier at night while their baby is fast asleep.

Japanese diapers are made from ecologically pure materials eliminating the harsh chemicals used in other diapers that often irritate baby’s skin. They are also free of harsh fragrances or lotions that could cause allergic reactions. 

They have also introduced new Air Silky and Air Fit in their line of baby diapers. Air Silky provides gentle and breathable leak prevention while keeping baby dry and their new Air Fit has a navel cut out, a firm and easy tape that can be open and closed as many times as needed without losing their grip, all while wrapping baby gently. Their Japanese baby diapers are also made with a notice strip that changes color when wet, so parents know when it is time for a change. 

Parents everywhere also know how costly baby items can be—especially diapers; and they are always highly competitive in pricing. Once you’ve chosen the right fit, size, and quality of diapers for your baby head over to our diapers page and check out Moony baby diapers—one of the most highly popular diaper brands chosen by mother’s in Japan and around the world.