Moony Diapers

The best diapers for the delicate skin of a newborn baby are Moony diapers. The design has a gather in the waist so the fit is excellent yet still soft, gentle, stretchable, and comfortable. The gather at the waist combined with fitted leg gathers helps stop any back leakage or gap leakage. You can find these diapers at and are assured of excellent quality and pricing. 

Putting on these diapers is simple. The back of the diaper has the tapes so it is easy to find. Open the diaper and give the leakage guards a little pull so they are upright. Now slide the back of the diaper beneath your baby then pull the top of the diapers back to your baby’s waist. This makes sure the fit is nice and snug and should be checked once the diaper is on. Now keep the diaper flat by placing a hand gently on your baby’s stomach and pull the tape from the diapers back and attach it to the front. Do the same thing on the other side but be sure no tape is on your baby’s skin. 

There are numerous reasons Moony diapers diapers are the best possible choice for your baby. A comfortable fit is ensured because of the curved design. The design lets these diapers follow the contours of your baby so your little one is happy and full of joy. Since your baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults and fifty percent thinner a diaper that places half the pressure on your baby’s tummy is an excellent choice. This helps prevent rashes and prevent excess pressure. 

The snug fit does not restrict the movement of your baby but will help stop leaks. Your baby will be comfortable and dry since the absorbency lasts for as long as twelve hours. Your baby’s navel is not healed yet and very sensitive so using a diaper designed to protect this area will allow for faster healing.