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Holle Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula (600g)
as of the 10th month600gDemeterUseSuitable if replacing or in addition to breast milk. Readily accep..
Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula (400g)
from birth400 gbio / ecoUseReadily accepted when changing fromother baby milk formula.Holle Goat Mil..
Holle Stage 4 Organic (Bio) Toddler Milk Formula (600g)
as of the 12th month600gbio/ ecoUseCan be used from 12 months as a follow-on to any other growing-up..
Holle Goat Stage 2 Organic (Bio) Follow-On Infant Milk Formula (400g)
as of the 6th month400gbio/ ecoUseCan be used subsequent to breastfeeding; after Holle Organic Infan..
Holle Goat Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula (400g)
as of the 10th month400 gbio / ecoUseSuitable from 12 months of age untilthe end of the third year o..
Holle Corn & Tapioca Organic (Bio) Porridge Cereal 250g
Ingredients:Cornmeal * 74%, whole grain rice * 17%, tapioca * 9%, thiamine (vitaminized by law) * fr..
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