Soft and Silky Disposables: Meet the Japanese Moony Diapers

Born with extra-delicate skin, all babies need special care and gentle protection. It is no wonder: adults’ outer layer of skin - the epidermis - is twice as thick than that of young children’s. In order to shield this delicate newborn skin from micro-damages, it is extremely important to find the right brand of baby diapers that offers optimal defense, great performance, and comfort at the same time.

In recent years, Japanese diapers are rapidly becoming America’s new favorite brand of baby diapers, providing the opportunity for parents to choose a safer, gentler, cheaper, and ecologically sounder alternative to internationally well-known brands. These Japanese diapers are of superior quality, made with only the purest, non-toxic materials, without the use of dangerous phthalates, formaldehyde, synthetic aromas, or petroleum-based products. They contain no fragrances or lotions of any kind. 

Japanese diapers do not have the feel of traditional disposable diapers. Soft and silky, their top layer is made of felt microfiber textile, reducing friction and irritation by 40%. This provides babies with gentle comfort, while offering maximum absorbency, thanks the utilization of palm wood fibers as inner absorbent layers.

Moony Diapers is perhaps the most popular Japanese brand of disposable diapers. It is rightfully so: it offers even greater comfort compared to other, similar brands, thanks to the added extra layer of "Air Silky" fibers. These super breathable diapers may offer 12 hours of protection, along with leakproof and ergonomic shape, matching the natural curves of babies' bodies. 

Available in multiple sizes, Moony Diapers is the sound choice for babies of all ages, from preemies up to 30 pounds. Proudly made in Japan, they are now available for all customers internationally and in the United States. 

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