Baby Wet Wipes Merries 2x54 items

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Brand: Merries

Product Description

Baby Wet Wipes Merries 2x54 items  are soft and gentle, yet can clean a baby’s bottom effectively. Parents love how the wipes are super soft and does not cause irritation. That makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin. Lotion within the wipes softens skin without drying it out. This pack of 2 comes with 54 wipes in each package. This product is made in Japan.

Benefits of Product

  • Made with cotton
  • Ph balanced for babies
  • Safe for babies with sensitive skin
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrance free

It is not a secret that water dries up theskin. Wet wipes are a good alternative for cleaning up your baby.More over, wet wipes Merries for babies (54 items in a package * 2)were designed specifically for babies with sensitive skin.


  • Wet wipes Merries (54 items in a package * 2) are imbued with a gentle lotion that cleans baby's skin easy and fast

  • Wipes do not contain alcohol or flavoring

  • PH balance complies with the baby's skin

  • The wipes do not dissolve in the water and can not be thrown away into the drains

  • Wipes moisturize and soften the baby's skin

  • They are made out of cotton

  • Wipes are quite thick and are not torn easily

  • Plastic container doesn't let the wipes to dry out

  • Zig-zag slot helps to ensure that you get them out one by one without them clinging to one another

  • Shelf life is 2 years


  • Wet wipes are necessary when diapers are being changed

  • They can be used instead of toilet paper

  • You can use them to clean up your baby while being out and about


  • Consists of plastic container and wet wipes

  • Amount of the wipes is 2 packages of 54 count each

  • Made in Japan

Emil Ibadov 16/01/2022
Very soft and easy wipes love it
Valentina 10/01/2017
Good quality and price. Will buy it again and again)
Anastasiya 18/12/2016
We are very satisfied with this wipes. Has no smell and fits with our wipes warmer, and it's soft for baby's skin.
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