Benefits of Organic Baby Formula


Baby formula is beneficial for mothers who cannot breastfeed, parents who want to supplement breast milk, or parents who choose to feed their baby exclusively from a bottle. But not all baby formulas are created equal. Some conventional formulas have natural ingredients but not sourced or manufactured under the healthiest practices. 

The benefits of organic baby formula are those that take the nutrition of conventional formula and elevate it to the next level for the health and well being of your baby. Organic foods have benefits for adults, but formula benefits for baby are so much more.

Best Brands of Baby Organic Formula:

No Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients

Infant formula is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. This allows them to ensure that all products and brands meet minimum nutritional and safety requirements. Organic baby formula must also meet the requirements of the National Organic Program. Through their program, organic baby formula will not have any of the following:

  • No pesticides
  • No herbicides
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No GMOs
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
  • No additives that are not required for an infant’s nutrition

Europe has their own nutritional and safety requirements for infant formula and organic formula. The organic baby formula available at The Best From Japan have met or exceeded these standards from the European Union and are certified organic. The only ingredients that are not organic in these products are the vitamins and minerals that just cannot be produced organically.

Full of Nutrition

The vitamins and minerals are required to be the same no matter if the product is conventional or organic. In that respect, there is little difference in the nutritional value of all infant formulas. 

However not all formulas are equal. Rather than use synthetic sweeteners, organic baby formulas can use lactose, or the sugar naturally found in milk, to improve the taste. While it can be more expensive than syrups or cane sugar, it is closer to natural breast milk. In fact, the EU has prohibited the use of most sugars in their organic baby formula out of concern for the risk of childhood obesity. Lactose is easier to digest and does not cause sugar levels to spike.

Promotes Growth and Development Better than Conventional Formula

Many parents to opt for organic baby formula look beyond the benefits of a full belly in their baby. They are looking ahead to their baby’s growth and development. The impact of some of the ingredients in infant formula can have a more profound effect in a child’s behavior and academic development.

Adults may opt for an organic diet because they want to reduce or omit the exposure of chemicals to their body. The chemicals that are used in some farming or production practices are even more harmful for babies. That is because an infant’s neurological system from the brain to the nerves are still developing. Exposure to these toxins can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD or autism or health problems from asthma to endocrine disruption.

Better for the Environment

Organic baby formula benefits the environment which is part of the future for babies. Organic farming is better for the soil quality over time as it reduces pollution from chemicals. Biodynamic farming practices which is the method used by European organic baby formula companies such as Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert work on a balance between man, animal, and land. Organic baby formula companies are also more invested in reducing carbon emissions or recycling waste water from their production plants.

Organic Baby Formula Still Meets All Needs

Organic baby formula still benefits babies who have dietary needs. Most formulas are made from cow’s milk, but Holle is one of the brands that also has goat milk as an option for smaller milk proteins and softer curd for easier digestion. Hipp and Topfer offer probiotics for gut health. From hypoallergenic needs to hydrolyzed proteins, Hipp has specialty formulas that benefit more sensitive needs. 

It is easier than ever to reap the benefits of organic baby formula, and The Best From Japan have the best for your baby. Read the reviews from satisfied parents, order a box to try, and enjoy fast delivery in the USA.