Best Baby Food Pouches


There are plenty of baby food options once your baby is ready for solids. Homemade is an excellent option because you know what goes into the pureed combination. At the same time, you want the convenience of a pre-made foods that can go anywhere with you to restaurants or a friend’s house. Or as a busy parent, you have less time preparing food as you are taking care of the rest of the family too. Not all baby food pouches will meet your standards for healthy, delicious, and organic. We have the best baby food pouches ready to ship to you that are organic, healthy, and meeting all of your requirements for your baby’s nutrition.

When you are starting your baby on solids, you want to make sure that they taste the foods themselves. Some pouches on the market are deceptive because, for example, they advertise vegetables but the actual product has more fruits for sweetening that masks the vegetable’s true flavor. You want to encourage flavors now in the pureed stage so that your baby will enjoy them in their natural form later. You also don’t want the extra additives that minimize the ingredient’s natural fiber and increase the sugar content.

Holle baby foods are consistently regarded as one of the best baby food manufacturers in Europe. They are pioneers of biodynamic agriculture and Demeter-certified. These distinctions in organic foods means that they have the highest quality of organic ingredients that are never touched by chemical pesticides or herbicides. Holle also follows their philosophy to maintain the natural balance between land, animal, and community. Everything is done with purpose and it comes through in their products. If you started your baby with Holle formula, then you already understand the goodness and purpose that Holle stands for. As for the balance of ingredients, all of the ingredients on each pouch are clear and even provide the percentage of the ingredient’s proportion. So if you are feeding your baby a vegetable puree of carrots, sweet potato, and peas, you will see how much of each ingredient is in there. And with Holle, each of the baby food pouches contain organic and Demeter-certified ingredients, nothing less.

List of Baby Food Pouches

At The Best From Japan, we offer 5 of Holle’s great baby food pouches for you and your baby. They are all suitable for ages 6 months and up and come with cute animal names for each dominant animal.

Holle Veggie Bunny Carrot and Sweet Potato with Peas

Holle Veggie Bunny is packed with nutrients from carrots including Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, and potassium as well as Vitamin D and calcium from sweet potatoes. 

  • 70% carrots
  • 20% sweet potatoes
  • 10% peas
  • Trace amounts of lemon juice

Holle Power Parrot Organic Pear & Apple with Spinach

Holle Power Parrot introduces the superfood spinach with folic acid, calcium and iron along with the sweetness of apple and pear. 

  • 45% apple
  • 45% pear
  • 10% spinach
  • Trace amounts of lemon juice 

Holle Fennel Frog Pear with Apple & Fennel

Holle Fennel Frog is another great introduction to the unique flavor of fennel while naturally taking in nutrients from pear like folate, Vitamin C, and potassium.

  • 80% pear
  • 10% apple
  • 10% fennel

Holle Apple Ant Apple with Banana and Pear

Holle Apple Ant is the classic flavor combination of these three favorite fruits along with all of the nutrients and fiber that are important to a good diet.

  • 60% apple
  • 20% banana
  • 20% pear

Holle Zebra Beet Apple & Banana with Beetroot

Holle Zebra Beet introduces the essential fibers of beetroot together with the vitamins and minerals of apples and bananas.

  • 70% apple
  • 20% banana
  • 9.4% beetroot
  • 0.6% lemon juice

When your baby is starting, this is the best reusable baby food pouch because you can seal it for later and refrigerate it for up to 2 days. When you are ready to use it, warm it up in a cup of hot water. Feed with a spoon and never allow your baby to suck on the pouch because extended use this way can lead to tooth decay.

The best place to buy baby food pouches from Holle is here at The Best From Japan. We have great deals, awesome prices, and fast delivery to get you started. Place your order for one or all of these flavors for your baby to enjoy.