Best Cow Milk For Toddler


When considering the best cow milk for toddler, it is important to consider where the milk comes from and the ingredients that create the best cow milk for toddlers. The products that offer the best for babies have the same best interests as children transition to the next stage.

 Organic toddler milk is free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that do not benefit a toddler’s growth and development. Biodynamic agriculture benefits the land and the animals as well as the consumers who enjoy the products. The best cow milk brand for toddlers are familiar European brands for babies:

Holle Milk For Toddler

Holle from Switzerland is well known as a Demeter-certified, organic baby food company. From baby formula to toddler foods, Holle uses the best ingredients that meet a high standard of organic guidelines. Cows are never treated with antibiotics, eat a special, organic diet, and are never dehorned.

Holle has cow milk formula that is perfectly made for all of the stages for infants to toddlers. Toddler milk considers their growing hunger, but also the need for a milk that complements table foods. Demeter-quality formula comes in the following stages for a toddler’s growing hunger and nutritional needs:

  • Stage 3 (from ten months on)
  • Stage 4 (from twelve months on)

HiPP Milk For Toddler

HiPP is a German organic baby formula company that also has a long history of high quality products for babies. HiPP Combiotic means that it uses pre- and probiotics to promote a healthy gut using organic ingredients that are similar to those found in breast milk. HiPP has formula for many stages as well as specialty brands for anti reflux or excess gas.

HiPP is marketed to different countries in Europe, so there are various formulas with different features including no starch or no DHA. Those products include:

  • HiPP German 
    • Stage 3 (from ten months on)
    • Stage 4 Kindermilch (for 1-year olds on up)
  • HiPP UK 
    • Stages 3 (from ten months on)
  • HiPP Dutch 
    • Stage 3 (from ten months on)
    • Stage 4 Junior milk (from 24 months on)

Topfer Milk for Toddler

Topfer is a German company that makes high quality, organic baby formula from cow milk. It contains bifidobacterium to promote gut health and aid bowel movement. It also has long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for optimal brain and neural development. Topfer meets the high expectations of organic foods in Europe.

Topfer products is a source of balanced nutrition that is easy to digest and complements a diet of solid foods. It does not compromise on the nutrients a baby needs to thrive. Topfer is available for toddlers in the following stages:

  • Stage 3 (from ten months on)

Lebenswert Milk for Toddler

Lebenswert focuses on making cow milk formula taste delicious without adding anything extra. This means that it tastes naturally sweet from the cows that produce it. The German company follows the organic guidelines of Bioland, the largest organic food association in Germany. 

Lebenswert makes organic cow milk baby formula and that is all. It takes something as complex as baby formula and makes it taste simply delicious without additives or sweeteners. When it comes to toddler milk, Lebenswert comes in the following stages:

  • Stage 3 (from ten months on)

Loulouka Milk For Toddler

Loulouka is made from whole Swiss milk so that it is full of high quality fat that is important in a baby’s brain development. It also uses organic coconut oil instead of organic palm oil to aid in calcium absorption in the bones. 

While it does not have the long history as Holle or HiPP, it does earn high praise for its use of high quality ingredients that parents ask for. It is suitable even after a child turns one year old. Loulouka comes in the following stages:

  • Stage 3 (from twelve months on)

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