Best Natural Diapers


The best natural diapers are products that are safe for baby as well as the environment. There are no harsh chemicals such as chlorine or latex that can irritate sensitive skin, or impact the environment after disposal. The other important feature of the best natural baby diapers is that they feel good. Soft material that is also breathable means more comfort for boys and girls. Renewable resources such as bamboo are great materials found in natural diapers.

When the market is filled with all varieties of baby diapers, you want to be confident that the best diapers you pick are truly natural. 

Brands of Natural Diapers

Natural diapers in the USA are becoming more mainstream from familiar companies such as Huggies and Pampers. However, natural diapers from other countries like Japan are more accessible through online vendors. This provides parents with more options from material choices to sizes. While all of them should be free of harsh chemicals, you can be sure by looking for TCF, or totally chlorine free. A top-quality, natural diaper may have a higher price than conventional diapers, but it will be better for your baby when it absorbs well and keeps your infant dry without irritation on sensitive skin. 

Three of the best brands that we consider are:

Moony Natural Diapers

Moony diapers are one of the best brand of diapers from Japan, but they also make a natural diaper that is 100% organic. The cotton used is super soft and used as a surface sheet so that it doesn’t stick to a baby’s bottom. The natural diaper never uses petroleum-based oils, synthetic dyes, perfumes, or latex that can irritate sensitive skin. Only gentle products like olive oil, jojoba oil, and rice oil are added to the materials. Not only can it absorb wetness for up to 12 hours, but the three wetness strips can let you know when the diaper is wet. The surface sheet also helps pull away stool to help prevent diaper rash and the need for other products. Moony is a leading brand of diapers and the first in Japan to offer a 100% organic diaper.

Moony “Natural” diapers come in the following sizes:

  • Newborn- up to 11 pounds, 66 count
  • Small - 8-17 pounds, 60 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 48 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 40 count

Huggies Natural Diaper

Huggies Special Delivery is the brand’s most hypoallergenic diaper. Not only is it free of fragrance, parabens, and allergens, but it is also made of 23% plant-based material. Parent reviews praise the quality that prevents leaks as well as the softness of the diaper itself.It also goes up in size from 6 pounds to over 35 pounds so it can accommodate most babies. 

Huggies diapers come in the following sizes:

  • Size N - 6-9 pounds
  • Size 1 - 8-14 pounds
  • Size 2 - 12-18 pounds
  • Size 3 - 16-28 pounds
  • Size 4 - 22-37 pounds
  • Size 5 - more than 27 pounds
  • Size 6 - more than 35 pounds

Pampers Natural Diapers

Pampers Pure is the all-natural diaper in the Pampers line of products. These diapers are free of chlorine bleach, fragrances, parabens, and latex. It uses the best cotton that is sustainably sourced in the USA as well as other plant-based materials.This hypoallergenic product is gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. The adorable designs will make you and your baby happy.

Pampers diapers comes in the following sizes:

  • Size 0- less than 10 pounds
  • Size 1 - 8-14 pounds
  • Size 2 - 12-18 pounds
  • Size 3 - 16-28 pounds
  • Size 4 - 22-37 pounds
  • Size 5 - more than 37 pounds
  • Size 6 - 

Benefits of Natural Diapers for Baby

No matter which diaper you choose, you can be sure that your natural diaper is safe on a baby’s sensitive skin. The materials used in these disposable diapers are absorbent, but they have less adverse impact on the environment. Many single-use, disposable diapers can take 500 years to decompose. Natural diapers are generally sustainably sourced and contain more products that biodegrade in less time.

We carry Moony Natural diapers at reasonable prices. You can check out reviews, order online, and have delivery to your door. Then you can compare for yourself the best natural baby diapers available today.